Blue Prism Interview Questions



1. What is the difference between Process Studio and Object Studio

 Process studio  

Process studio is the workspace where the flow of the process is defined when a page of a process is run, it will run from the main page irrespective of whatever the page you are in.

Object studio:

Object studio is the workspace where the objects of the applications have interacted. When a page in the object is run, it will run only the current page.


2. What are the stages available in object studio that is not available in process studio?

  • Navigate stage
  • Read stage
  • Write stage
  • Code stage
  • Wait stage


3. What is the difference between the define and undefine collection?

In the defined collection, the fields inside the collection are set prior to the run, whereas in undefined collection no field is set prior to the run. The fields are populated in runtime.


4. What is environmental locking?

This is a feature which prevents multiple bots from accessing the same path of a process. A token is generated in environmental locking which allows only one bot to access.


5. What are the different modes available for object spying?

  • HTML mode
  • WIN32 mode
  • Accessibility mode
  • UIA Mode (Available in BP V6 and above)
  • Region mode
  • UI automation mode


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6. What is a thin client and thick client?

The Thin client is the application from which we cannot get many attributes of an object. Only region mode can be used in Thin client applications. Ex: Citrix, Oracle-based applications.

The Thick client is the application from which we can get many attributes of an object. We can use any mode in Thick client applications. Ex: Internet Explorer, Calculator.


7. What is the use of Work Queue?

Work Queue are used to break a large volume of work to small volume and multiple bots can be used so that the time consumption can be reduced.


8. What are types of modes available for an object?

  1. Foreground mode
  2. Background mode
  3. Exclusive mode


9. What is the extension of a release?



10. What is the use of Initialize and clean-up in object studio?

Initialize and clean-up is the pre and post conditions which will execute at the start and end of the object respectively. It cannot be called through action as it will run automatically when a particular object is called.


11. What are the languages that can be used in the coding stage?

  1. C#
  2. Visual Basic
  3. J#


12. What are the types of debugging techniques available in blue prism?

Step – It executes each and every stage. If it encounters a page, process or an action, it enters inside and executes.

Step Over – It executes each and every stage. If it encounters a page, process or an action, it does not enter inside but still executes over the page.

Step Out – It executes everything that is available on the current page.


13. What are the ways to expose data item?

  1. Environment variable
  2. Session variable


14. What is Environment variable?

This is a type of exposure in data item where the value of data item can be changed without opening the processor object.

Environment variables will be available in System tab under process section.


15.What is Session variable?

This is a type of exposure in data item where the value of data item can be changed during runtime.

Session variable can be changed in the control room while running the particular process.


16. What are the best practices in blue prism?

  • Exception handling- It should be used in an efficient way to handle the error wherever it is possible.
  • Work Queue – Usage of work queue to reduce the time
  • Wait stage – In region mode, wait stage should be used wherever the screen changes.
  • Anchor stage – It should be used wherever possible so that the processor object looks readable


17. What is the difference between global send keys and global send key events in blue prism?

Global send keys are the high-level interface which sends keystrokes to the active application whereas global send key events Is a low-level interface which mimics keyboard keystrokes in the operating system. It is used on thin client applications like Citrix.


18. How to invoke java script in blue prism?

Java script can be invoked through navigate stage in object studio.


19. What are the disadvantages of surface automation?

  • It uses screen coordinates to click on objects. So, accuracy will be very low.
  • If the target application is not active, there is a possibility of global send keys passing the values to the wrong application.


20. How to publish a process to control room?

A Process can be published to control room by opening the process information box in the main page and checking the box “Publish this Process to Control Room


21. Explain on a session in Blue prism.

Session is an instance created when you start running a process on a selected resource


22. Explain the difference between session and an environment variable.

Session Variable is a variable whose value can be changed for every session and environment variable is a variable whose value can’t be changed till the resource stops the execution of the process flow from control room.


23. Where will you declare session variable and environment variables?

Session variable is declared inside the process or object by selecting the exposure to session.

Environment variable is declared in system outside any process or object and once declared, need to select the exposure to environment and select from the drop down available in name of the data item.


24.Explain the Interface/Infrastructure of blue prism.

Blue prism has 6 parts separated in its infrastructure.

  1. Home
  2. Studio – Process Studio and Object Studio
  3. Control Room,
  4. Analytics
  5. Releases
  6. System


25. Explain Control Room.

Control Room is one of the infrastructures of blue prism in which we control the process through session management, queue management and scheduler.


26. Use of scheduler

Scheduler is to schedule the robot process based on the input availability.


27. What is the format of file import/export from/to blue prism?



28. How will you run the process developed on your machine in other’s machine in standalone deployment?

Giving a .bprelease and importing it into the local machine.


29. Types of data items

  • Date
  • Date Time
  • Text
  • Password
  • Time
  • Image
  • Binary
  • Number
  • Timespan
  • Flag


30. How will you access single variable in all pages in a process/object?

By Unchecking Hide from other pages.


31. Explain the default pages of Process/Object.

  • Process – Main Page
  • Object – Initialize and Clean up


32. Differences between functionality of process or object.

  • Process – Hierarchical
  • Object – Parallel pages execution


33. Differences between process and object stages

Navigate stage, Wait Stage, write stage, read stage, code stage will be available in object but not in process. Alert stage will be there in process which is absent in object studio.


34. Differences between global and local variables.

  • Global variables – Visible thru all pages in the process/object
  • Local variables – Visible only to the page


35. Which part of the blue prism interacts with applications?

Application Modeller


36. Differences between Page reference and Action Stage

  • Page reference – To use the page Inside of object or process
  • Action – To call a business object from object or process


37. Explain the concept of environmental locking

Environmental locking comes into picture in case of multi bot architecture


38. How match index is unique?

Match Index makes a automation spy unique as it makes the modeler to spy the same kind of blocks unique


39. How to write a value in to an application without using write stage?

Navigate stage using global send keys, we can write the value to the application


40. Difference between global send keys and global send key events

·       Global Send Keys – Alphabets and numeric values

·       Global Send Key events – Function keys and pre-defined functions


41. Different Run modes

  1. Exclusive
  2. Foreground
  3. Background


42. Delay/sleep can be achieved thru

Wait stage


43. String functions are defined on which data type.



44. Where can you see the log of the process run?

In View Log option, in session selection


45. How to view stage logging?

Edit – Select All stages or Selected stages to view them in the log.


46. Consider the scenario – If the calculation1 have exception and it goes to recover and the calculation-2 also have exception, what is the correction in this flow to go thru end stage without exception.

Keep a resume stage after recover1 stage to process the stages successfully till end.


47. What is the action used to Tag an item in work queues?

Tag Item in Work queues object


48. Are nested blocks allowed in blue prism?

No, nested blocks won’t work in Blue prism.


49. How do you spy an element in blue prism?

Control + Left mouse click


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50. How do you change the spy mode when spying an element in blue prism?

Alt Key


51. What is the function used to go for stop parameters?



52. What are the kinds of stop available in blue prism in control room?

Immediate stop and request stop


53. Which stages helps in taking 2 or more decisions at a time?

Choice stage


54. What are the different kinds of status symbols available in the queue management of blue prism?

  1. Exception
  2. Completed
  3. Pending
  4. Locked


55. What is recovery mode?

Recover and resume together called recover mode.


56. What are the types of exceptions and the differences between them?

System and Business Exceptions and the differences


57. What is defer and its functionality?

Defer is a action in Work queues and when we use defer is to run the process after some timespan.


58. Which are the exception functions we use generally?

ExceptionDetails() and ExceptionType()


59. Why blue prism?

  • Good for mass scale deployment of large number of robots.
  • Higher cost of acquiring and using Blue Prism
  • Limited training available as the only source of training is Blue Prism
  • Training cost of Blue Prism is too high


60. Stages in RPA Life Cycle?

  • There are four Phases of RPA Life Cycle.
  • Analysis – Design Phase
  • Bot Development – Development Phase
  • Testing
  • Deployment and Maintenance


61. How many Start, and End stages will be there in each page of process studio and object studio?

Start – Only one and End Stages – Many (Depends on the design of the process)


62. Where will you generally define the credentials and how will you use them in blue prism?

Credential manager in system and with the object called credentials and call Get action in the object to define the credentials in blue prism.


63. Can we publish Objects into Control Room?

Object is not published, only the action is published and that published action we can use in the Process and publish process will be available int the control room.


64. Can we publish Process into Control Room?

Yes, inside the process studio go to Main page–>double click on Information stage–> Check the Option called “Publish the Process to Control Room”.


65. Can We delete the Process or Object from the Studio when it is executed at least once?

We cannot delete the process or object from the Studio. If we want to delete go to System–>Archiving–>Check the Option called “Blue prism Database”. Then go to Studio and right click on the Process or object and Click on Delete. It will Delete Now.


66.How Many Applications Can be Configured in One Object?

Only One Application can be configured in Application Modeller. It will not allow us to Configure More than one Application. But we can override or Replace Existing Configuration with New Configuration.


67.What is version Control in Blue Prism and how versioning will happen in Blue Prism?

In Blue Prims when you are saving the Process or object it will ask you to Provide Edit Summary. This will be appeared in the Studio. This will maintain the Version Control or Version History.


68. What are Start Up parameters or input parameters?

The input data or the parameters that can be passed Before we are executing the Processes from the control room. These Parameters are called Start-up parameters.


69.What is Exception Bubbling?

When we get an error either in object action or in process will be bubble-up into the main page is called exception bubbling.


70.How to Automate Excel Applications?

We can use 3 methods to automate Excel Applications

  1. By Using VBO – MS Excel VBO – and using Actions Like Create Instance, Show, Open Workbook Etc to launch the application in process studio.
  2. By Configuring the Excel.EXE file path in the OS and Launching the Excel and attach.
  3. By Using VBO – OLEDB and Providing the Provide name like Data Base (Path of the Excel) and Provider and Extended Properties.


71. Wat is the difference between Get Work sheet as Collection and Get work sheets as Collection (Fast)?

Get work sheet as Collection will have input parameters like Workbook name, Work Sheet name and Handle and Get work sheets as Collection (Fast) will have No Inputs and collects the data whichever Sheet is Currently Active.


72. How do you handle more than 1 lakh or 1 million records in the Excel Sheet. How do you automate the Excel?

If you have more bots configured, then Each Bot will pick one record at a time and process the Records. We have to Work queue Concept for Processing each record at a time.


73. Name some of the Actions that you have used in Excel VBO?

Create instance, Show, Open Workbook, Open Instance, Create Workbook, Create Worksheet, get worksheet as Collection and Collection (Fast), Write collection ETC.


74. How do we automate web application?

We have configured explore in OS choosing Application type as Browser based applications. We Use HTML mode to identify the Elements.


75.How do we automate Java based application?

  • We have configured Java application in OS choosing Application type as “Java based application”.
  • We need to Enable Java Access Bridge in Windows System.


76.Input and output parameters, outlook to web application

  • Input parameters are the parameters which we pass as an input from one page to another page. if we are sending any parameters to any action, we have to specify within the start stage.
  • Output parameter are the parameter which we get output from a page or stage that can be configured in end stage.


77. What is the difference between Ordinal and Match Index in Blue Prims?

  • Ordinal defines the potion of an element.
  • Match index is used to search for an element from top to bottom of the screen.
  • Match reverse search for n element from bottom to top.


78. What is exposure of data items in Blue Prism?

  1. Static – when we set the data item exposure as static then the data item can be used for reporting purpose.
  2. Environment – the data item used as an environment variable
  3. Session – the data item can be used as a session variable


79. How can data item set as global variable or what are local and global variables in blue prism?

When a data item visibility check box is checked then data item is called local variable and can only access within the same page. global variable it can access in any number of pages within a process or object.


80. Alert stage is used for notifying the specific outcome of each process.

Action stage is used for calling the business objects and actions.


81. What is conditional wait and Arbitrary wait.

  • In a wait stage if we provide any conditions to wait for any element to appear then it is call conditional wait.
  • Wait stage without any condition is called Arbitrary wait.


82. Difference between collections and data items.

Data item can initialise only one data value at a time but whereas the collection can initialise more than one value at a time. collections are used within a loop stage, but data items are not used.


83. Stage logging?

We have three types stage loggings in Blue prism

  1. Enabled
  2. Disabled
  3. Error only

Stage logging is a feature that hides each stage not to visible in the stage log viewer.


84. Exception handling – when the error occurs within bp business process these errors has to be handled in order to make the process complete.

For Exception Handling we use recover, resume and exception stages


85. Difference between Resume and recovery

Recovery stage is used to catch the exception and diffuse the error, resume stage is used for continuing the flow of execution.


86. Global mouse click center and press are used in the navigate stage and there purpose is to click on any of the buttons of the application.

Mouse click center is used when the app is in focus. press is used even though when the app is not in focus.


87. What is the difference between Immediate stop and request stop?

Immediate stop when requested in control room the process stops exactly on the stage where it is executing currently. status of the process in control room shows as “Terminated”

When request stop is clicked on control room “Is Stop Requested” function becomes true and will stop the process after one complete cycle of execution. status of the process in control room shows as “Completed”


88. How can we launch the application without using the Application modeller.

By using the Navigation stage, we can pass the path of an app as an input. we can also use start process action from utility environment VBO.


89. A Block is used to isolate an area of a diagram that a Recover stage is responsible for.

Without a Block, a Recover stage will handle any exception on that page.  When a Recover stage sits inside a Block it will only catch exceptions in that Block and ignore all others.


90. How many types of collections in Blue prism?

  1. Defined Collection – is a collection where we create fields and initialize values to that fields.
  2. Undefined collection – is as collection where we do not crate any fields, but these collections are output for an action and can contain the values in the current values tab.


91. Credentials are set of username and password used by the blue prism process and object to access target application.

These credentials are created in the system manager area. when they are created against a credential key in order to encrypt the account information. When it being utilized by a process or object.

These credentials are bound to a unique key and their authentication within blue prism is dependent on it.


92. What is work queue?

The most efficient way to deploy multiple bots is to use work queue feature and blue prism at work. queue is basically a list of items which one or more bots can pick up the input and process them. queue not only allows you to use multiple machines, but it also processes multiple records and to get output. And to know success or failures. which we cannot be done by loop stage


93.How to enable and disable logs?

A run time resource will log many types of information and to any session logs by running instance of process.

Go to settings –> Resource — > Management –> right click on it – > and check write activity log to event log.

we can set logging level as well here –> like log memory usage and log we service communication.


94. What is login agent, how we can used it?

The login agent software provides a mechanism for securely logging into windows desktop device for the purpose of executing blue prism process.


95. What is attach?

If it is windows/java/html type application, user is promoted to state whether the application will be running or not. it this decision that subsequent buttons say ‘launch’ or ‘attach’ (or detach or terminated). when you are using mainframe application, this choice is not the same as mainframe is always considered to be running. you don’t specify in the app modular whether you are going to connect to already running mainframe. Therefore, the resulting buttons in app modular will always be launch (or terminate).


96. Which stage is necessary to catch exception?

Recovery stage


97. What is the purpose of using blocks?

The blocks are a way of using multiple stages of recover on the same page.


98. What is the purpose of preserve check box in blue prism?

A new exception (the exception what we have written in exception stage) is generated when the preserve checkbox is checked, by default it is unchecked.


99. Environment variable?

This variable is available to all business objects and process. this is only read only.


100. Statistic data item?

Will store the contents of the data item in the database for reporting purpose.


101. Initialize page in Blue prism, uses?

You can’t publish or remove this page. The initialize action will be called immediately after loading your business object. it is not possible to call this action from business process.


102. Is it possible to pause work queue temporarily?

Yes, from queue management


103.What is the purpose of the queue?

A queue is used by a process to manage a workload.


104. Benefits of process information page?

  • Can publish the process to control room.
  • Can enable/disable stage logging.


105. What all are the exception handling strategies in Blue Prism?

How exceptions have to be handled in Blue Prism

Like exception bubbling or parent/child handling system.

Business object (minimal exception handling) –> Component (exception handling/retry logic) –> subpage (exception handling/retry logic) –>

Process main page (final exception handling)


106. What is element mask?

This is the feature of application modeler, that enables u to copy the attribute selection of one element and apply it to another.

This is very useful, once you found a winning combination of attributes on one element that you want to apply to more elements.


107. What is Blue Prism’s Robotic Automation?

Mechanical Automation alludes to process Automation’s the place programming drives existing undertaking application programming similarly that a client does. Robotization is an apparatus or stage that works other application programming through the current application UI.


108. What equipment framework do I have to run Blue Prism’s Robotic Automation Platform?

Blue Prism has been intended for adaptability and to meet the heartiest IT norms for IT operational trustworthiness, security, and supportability. The product can be sent either as a front office or back office process, running joyfully on a standard work area in the front office or on any size of frameworks for back-office preparing.


109. How would I begin on conveying forms utilizing Blue Prism?

Blue Prism prescribes a staged way to deal with beginning as the Operational Agility structure is prominently versatile. It is regular to focus on the setup of somewhere in the range of 1 and 10 forms at first with a moving project of procedures being presented once the structure is set up.


110. What amount does mechanical mechanization cost?

A “completely stacked” office robot is roughly a 1/third the expense of universally sourced operators. The adaptability and simplicity of sending imply that this examination is anything but difficult to keep up and judge the settled way to deal with a given undertaking.


111. Does blue crystal require coding?

Blue Prism’s advanced workforce is constructed, overseen and claimed by the client or client, crossing activities and innovation, holding fast to a venture wide automated working model.


112. What kind of systems can be motorized with RPA - Blue Prism?

RPA is modifying based; it tends to be used to play out various errands. These fuse Maintenance of records, request, calculations, and exchanges.

Also, any application typically used by the association can be worked by RPA. Citrix, .NET, HTML, and Java are commonly developments normally supported by RPA.

Good structures fuse Mainframe Terminals, SAP, Oracle, Blackline, and some more. RPA can be intended to play out any administer based errand.


113. How to Choose an RPA Tool?

By considering a couple of factors we can Choose RPA Tool for Business Process Automation.

  • Technology
  • Interface
  • Management
  • Security


114. Ventures in RPA usage?

In RPA 6 stages are Important for an effective Robotic Process Automation usage.

  1. Select the Targeted Opportunities
  2. Adjust the Important Processes
  3. Make Meaning full Business Case
  4. Automated procedure Automating Vendor Selection
  5. Pilot RPA Development
  6. Increase and Continue Building Expertise RPA bots.


115. Advantages of RPA?

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Best Quality and Accuracy
  • Low expense (Cost compelling)
  • Increased development
  • Growth in Analytics
  • Quick ROI


116. What are the ventures Mostly utilized RPA Tool?

RPA apparatus uses in various fields i.e. saving money, social insurance, protection, telecom, correspondences, and so forth. Basically, perplexing projects are robotized on a wide go by enhancing the exchange procedure.

Telecom, managing an account, medicinal services, protection, correspondence, RPA programs are robotized on a wide run by enhancing the exchange procedure.


117. What are the Tools of RPA and Vendors?


118. Key components in RPA?

RPA programming executes undertakings and exercises performed by people flawlessly crosswise over different applications and Systems.

RPA programming is situated in the cloud or committed servers inside the association can computerize assignments on machines remotely.


119. Key components in Desktop Automation?

  • Automation that is conceivable on one workstation/work area that utilizes programming to rehash human undertakings crosswise over different frameworks
  • The product is bolted locally on a Desktop/PC
  • Desktop mechanization is a subset of RPA Solutions key components in Electronic work process and business process the board?
  • A different BPM arrangement is associated with every single other application by means of standard interfaces and representatives’ execution of procedures crosswise over frameworks.
  • Electronic work processes could push undertakings between frameworks or educate an individual who needs to mediate.


120. Interesting points in RPA?

  • Seamless computerization
  • Much lower speculation then BPM arrangements
  • Can work with existing frameworks
  • Can work 24 x 7 x 365


121. Interesting points in Desktop Automation?

  • Automation just inside neighbourhood applications (on one machine)
  • Works with existing frameworks/minimal effort
  • Easy to convey however can have difficulties in control and discharge the board


122. Highlights of RPA-Robotic Process Automation?

  • Easy to use: - RPA choice begins inside business errands rather inside IT divisions. RPA adventures require less IT aptitudes and less theory. Over the long haul, the robotization is brought down at a liberal rate.
  • Rick Free: - RPA is of low intricacy and hazard free from different Tools. RPA access to end client’s frameworks Through a controlled UI, thus Increasing the Important of basic frameworks programming.
  • Code Free: - RPA doesn’t require programming abilities. anybody can Learn RPA With Simple Effect Because Its keep running’s without coding, with any subject skill, can be prepared to mechanize RPA instruments right away. RPA apparatus Designed with diagrams and flowcharts.


123. What nature of work can be automated?

All Rule Based Works


124. Where will user Management be done?

In System Tab of Blue Prism Client Application


125. How to Schedule a Process?

By Scheduling in Scheduler in Control Room with Reference to UTC


126. How Variables are called?

Data Item


127. What data type is used for handling matrix variables?



128. How to Iterate through Collection?

Using Loop Block


129. Types of Wait?

Static & Dynamic Wait


130. What’s the max Wait time for a web page to load?

Max 120 sec


131. What’s Attribute?

Character of elements of Application


132. How to load Queue item?

Using add to Queue under Work Queue Block


133. Where are last ran status can be seen?

Under Today’s Session or filtered Sessions


134. How to retrieve item from Queue?

Get Pending Item/ Get Next Item


135. How to access a specific header value in Collection?

Just Collection name. Header name of Column


136. Where can you catch Exception Message?

In between Recover & Resume


137. How to Run a Process?

Click on Go Button and select the debug mode Fast, Normal, slow and click on go button.


138. How to validate the Process Validation?

Double click on the calculation stage and Click on Validate and if the expression is valid it will display as valid and upon clicking on Evaluate expression we can pass the test data and we can verify the logic which we implemented as per the functionality or not


139. What is purpose of the Data Item?

To store a single value


140. What is difference between initial value and current value in Data Item?

  • Initial value means default value
  • Current value means after executing the program value gets stored under Current Value


141. What is purpose of Decision Stage? How many outbound and inbound links available in Decision Stage?

It’s something like if statements and right click on the decision stage and select switch so that yes and no will be changed to no and yes. we can write the conditions also.


142. What is purpose of circular path in Blue Prism?

It is a looping process diagram enable some steps to be repeated over and over again. It will end once the loop limit will be met.


143. What is purpose of Anchor Stage in Blue Prism?

For linking one stage with another stage we use anchor stage


144. What is use of Breakpoint?

Used for debugging wherever process to be stop we can use breakpoint.


145. By using Set Next Stage, we can do “Fast-forward” or “rewind”?



146. What is meant by Step over in running a process?

After Executing the program clicked on reset button and Upon clicking on step over directly it will go to end stage and at the background the logic will be performed

e.g. I don’t want to wait for the program to execute which takes time in that situation if we click on step over directly it will go end stage


147. What is Sub-Process? How call this sub-process?

Calling a process with another process is called subprocess.


148. What is difference between local, Global and Environmental Variables?

  1. Local: For a particular process/Object we can use select the data item and select the checkbox Hide from other pages in the process
  2. Global: If we select the data item as global then it can be used across a particular group unselect the checkbox Hide from other pages in the process
  3. Environment: Under Systems tab ->Processes->Environment Variable


149. Can we create users in Blue Prism?



150. In one licence how many machines are working and any limitations?



151. What is VBO file?

Visual Business Object-VOB is an internal library.


152. What is .bprelease file?

It is final code and share to anyone to run.


153. What are the steps that should be taken care of while deploying the code?

  • Setup mailbox profile (if mapiex is used in the process)
  • Create a basic task in windows task scheduler to start a runtime resource when the bot login
  • Set up login agent
  • Change environment variables


154. What is the difference between different text inputting methods?

  • Windows Press keys – used in elements spied with win 32
  • Write – used when windows press won’t work
  • Global send keys   – used when above 2 methods won’t work
  • Global send key events – used in thin client applications


155. What might be the reason if the status of the resource is showing as connection lost in the control room?

  • Login agent service is not running,
  • Pop-up blocked the process


156. If a folder is having 10 excel files that are created on different dates, how can we get the latest excel file from the folder?

In MS-Excel VBO option open workbook We can give exact path to the Inputs File name. Based on the last written column in the output collection of get files action.


157. What is login agent?

Login agent is used to reset the passwords, or It’s used to login the locked windows.


158. What are the steps that need to be done before using the login agent processes (login process and logout process)?

Create a credential in the format Windows Login: machine name


159. How many processes we can run with single licence in Blue Prism?

Depend on the license,


160. How many runtime resources that can be registered with single license in Blue Prism?



161. Is Robotic Process Automation Platform of Blue Prism auditable and verified?

In the Blue Prism mechanical computerization stage, Auditability and Security are inbuilt at numerous dimensions. The runtime condition is very unique in relation to the altering procedure condition.

To each approved individual, authorizations to make, run, alter, and structure the procedure, just as business objects, are explicit.

For any procedure, a full review trail changes are spared. When the impact of changes, the examination is given.

For each procedure, at runtime, the log is made. Also, it gives each activity’s time-stepped and nitty gritty history just as the choice made in a computerized procedure.


162. Does Robotic Process Automation take after macros or screen scratching? Assuming no, at that point separate between them.

Clerical Robotic Automation isn’t care for old innovation, for example, macros and screen rejecting however created from them.

Any application which is utilized by people is additionally utilized by the robot of present-day time frame whether it is inheritance, bespoke application, centralized computer, an outsider API facilitated, or web server empowered administration.

Robot gathers basic learning. This learning is put away in the common library after some time and utilized by another gadget or robot once more.

On the off chance that you are going for the blue crystal work as a fresher, at that point these blue crystal inquiries addresses will help you amid the meeting. Simply complete a review of these Blue Prism inquiries questions and you will feel sure about confronting the meeting.


163. What is the significance of Blue Prism?

Robotic Process Automation with Blue Prism can be planned in IT Governance. It bolsters both outside just as inward unscrambling and encryption keys.

Review Logs empowering is likewise given by the blue crystal. During the time spent mechanization tweaked code .NET is utilized to an abnormal state of heartiness is required.

You should know the significance of the stage you are utilizing. Along these lines, this is a standout amongst the most well-known blue crystal inquiries addresses that you may go over in any job.


164. Exhibit the essential contrasts between Automation Anywhere and Blue Prism.

Blue Prism and Automation Anywhere both are the RPA instruments yet unique in relation to one another. How about we read the distinction between two for example Blue Prism versus Automation Anywhere you may for the most part go over this sort of distinction based blue crystal inquiries in the meeting. The questioner may make such inquiries to check in the event that you know how the device you are utilizing is superior to other people.


165. How Blue Prism Professional administrations can be strong?

We can get a wide scope of administrations with Blue Prism from coaching and supporting with fast conveyance by means of front-line mechanization. We guarantee conveying advantages of business at concurred levels. As such, it totally relies upon the abilities what you as of now have in your home and need a mechanical stage to make to work for them.


166. What Robotic Process Automation framework can Blue Prism use?

Blue Prism has coordinated different advances into its product dependent on earlier long stretches of encounters. These innovations are dependable, strong just as secure. Blue Prism has created innovation connectors for every one of the advancements which are utilized with the introduction layer, Green Screen/Mainframe, Citrix, Java, Web, Windows too.

Just with a tick of a catch, we will probably connect with any sort of framework in the wake of getting combined with devoted devices of a wide range. This application coordination capacity is demonstrated, and it guarantees that any new procedure can be planned, tried, and constructed quickly with no huge impact on the present frameworks.


167. Is there any coding in Blue Prism?

This is a standout amongst the best blue prism inquiries addresses that can be replied as pursues. No, blue prism does not require any coding and it can robotize any product. It is on the grounds that blue prism has built up its advanced workforce so that it very well may be possessed, constructed, and overseen by clients or clients, alongside that, it is clinging to automated working model, traversing innovation, and tasks.

In this way, the computerized workforce is actualized in any division where managerial work, just as an administrative assignment, is performed in any association.


168. What is Web administration in Blue Prism?

Web administration is an application segment or customer server application for correspondence, a Software framework utilized in an interoperable mission to mission correspondence, a specialized technique between two gadgets over a system, and a gathering of conventions or gauges for trading data between two applications or gadgets.

This is a standout amongst the most widely recognized blue crystal inquiries questions asked in a blue crystal designer meet. Along these lines, don’t miss and set yourself up with the response to this inquiry.

Model: Java, .NET, PHP such sorts of dialects connects with RPA like Blue Prism, Ui Path, Automation Anywhere through web administrations.


169. What is an Application Modeler?

This is one of the top blue crystal inquiries questions asked in a blue crystal designer meet. As a designer, you can respond to this inquiry as pursues. You can stick to the nearby naming tradition with Application Modeler. This is ordinarily appeared as {element type} – {element name}.

Model: You have to make segments for the screen with each part. It makes the help simpler and it mitigates the dangers of being re-spied to the inaccurate components.


170. What does SDD rely on and what is the reason for the SDD?

SDD represents Solution Design Document and its motivation is to portray the Blue Prism computerization process which is determined in PDD.


171. What do you comprehend by Functional Requirements Questionnaire (FRQ)?

 Functional Requirements Questionnaire (FRQ) are utilized to give regions to thought and a speedy agenda for the required subtleties.


172. What is Queue Manager in Blue Prism?

It is utilized to deal with the things in a line.





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