What is PDD and SDD


As per the RPA Development life cycle, Automation of the above process will start with creation of Process Design/Definition Document and Solution Design Document documents as part of Planning , Analyzing and Designing phase.

First Document – Process Design Document - PDD

A Process Design Document contains information on the As-Is process flow diagram. It is like a user manual and it is provided by the end-user or the business analyst. This document shows the high-level flow of the manual process (like sequence of steps performed as part of the business process, the conditions and rules of the process). It is usually used as a platform (a base for developers) from which the automated solution will be designed. It comes under the Planning and Analyzing phase of the  RPA Development life cycle.

This document is highly classified confidential because of its contents. It contains:

  • Document History - Name of Author, Approves and Document Version
  • Process key contact - Process Owner, Process Reviewer and Process SME.
  • AS IS process - Like Process map, Process Steps, Process Required Applications
  • TO BE Process - Expected Design of the Business Process
  • In/Out Scope for RPA
  • Business/Application Exceptions
  • Reporting




Second Document – Solution Design Document - SDD

A Solution Design Document contains a high-level design report that describes how you may implement a technical solution to your project. It is created for every business process that is automated using RPA technology. This document is filled in by the RPA Solution Architect and RPA Developer who automates the business process and reviewed by the RPA Solution Architect before handover to RPA Operations. It comes under the designing phase of the RPA Development life cycle. 

It contains:

  • Prerequisite to run Automation - Like Resource, Hardware , software , licenses etc.
  • Exception Handling - Business and Application
  • Debugging Tips - Tips to check Issues
  • Success Criteria - Factor that impacts the success of automation




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