What is Blue Prism

What is Blue Prism?
Features of Blue Prism
  • Secure, scalable, and central management of a virtual workforce of software robots
  • Complete automation solution that results in work distribution and queue management
  • Blue prism
  • Blue Prism
  • It has many improved features to configure Dashboards so that session information can be directed to external Analytics and monitoring systems
  • The latest version 6 of
  • Exception stages can be set to save a screen capture. When it is used in the production environment, this feature can resolve resource processing issues in a secure manner
  • You can automate Excel, XML, CSV, PDF, Image, etc.
  • There is no need to write any code while working with the
  • It can automate software developed in Java, Mainframe, Web-based, Windows Applications.
 Components of
  1. Process Studio
  2. Object Studio
Process Studio: Process studio looks similar to a traditional flowchart. It is an area where an actual process is created. Apart from features offered by Object studio, it allows business logic, control loops, variables, and object call to be sequenced and tested in a visible business flow. Each Page in Process has its tab, and generally, the process defined in the Process Studio is pretty similar to a flowchart.
  • Process diagrams are comprised of various stages connected using links to form logical structures.
  • Stages are selected from the toolbar and placed on the diagram using the mouse.
  • They can be selected, moved, resized, formatted, cut, copied, pasted, and deleted, much as you might expect.
  • Stages also have various properties that can be accessed by double-clicking.
  • Links are created using the link tool by dragging the mouse from the center of one stage to the center of another.
  • Dragging without the link, a tool can be used to select more than one stage at a time.

Object Studio: Object studio is where we can create the VBO (Visual Business Object). VBO is created to interact with other applications.
  • Object Studio offers some "stage" which are not available in the Process Studio
  • Object Studio does not have the Main Page, but it does have two default pages
  • Pages are organized as a flat group instead of hierarchy like in the Process Studio
Benefits of Developing VBO:
  • Consistency and scalability
  • Lesser Bot creation time for subsequent processes
  • System changes only needed to be updated in one location instead of for each process. Bot maintenance becomes easy
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